<< back Christmas TV Adverts hit our screens

Yes, it’s that time of year again. As the embers are being extinguished on the bonfires, some of the UK’s largest retailers begin the roll out of their Christmas TV adverts.

The anticipation of these festive adverts now fill our news programs and newspapers at this time, partly as a nod to huge sums of money invested. Retailers plunge seven figure values in the making of their mini

masterpieces and purchase airtime of between 4 to 8 times that value.

Here’s the runners and riders for TV Christmas Adverts in 2015

John Lewis TV Advert for Christmas 2015

Asda Christmas Advert for 2015

Waitrose Christmas Advert for 2015

Lidl Christmas Advert for 2015

Tkmaxx Christmas Advert for 2015




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